Hello, I’m Fawn, Cystic Fibrosis owner, double lung transplant recipient and lover of life.   

I was born in Zimbabwe but I was the only CF patient in the country and had to travel often to see specialists and get my meds from SA. I eventually relocated after highschool and have been here ever since.

Growing up with CF was tough, but when you don’t know any better, it’s manageable. I missed a lot of school as I had to have IV treatments for 2weeks every 3months and I wasn’t ever able to partake in any sports. Breathing was always a struggle and putting on weight was just a nightmare. I eventually deteriorated to a point where my lung function was less than 20%, I was on high flow oxygen 24/7 and I had a tube inserted into my stomach to feed me (PEG). I also had to have an insulin pump for my diabetes, a permanent IV catheter (port) and I was too weak to walk much further than a room at a time. 


My days consisted of literally just trying to stay alive; throwing up throughout the day, eating what I could, having nebulised treatments 3 times a day and physio. 

I was listed for a double lung transplant and a donor was found 8 months later in 2013! My 8hr surgery went well but I had A LOT of setbacks afterwards and it took 3 months in hospital to recover. Since then, my breathing has been amazing, my weight is more stable and I’m completely tube free and “healthy”. 

I met the love of my life who I will be marrying at the end of the year. I started my own digital marketing agency and bought a beautiful little house. I also co-founded an organ donation awareness charity with 2 friends.

I am grateful every day for the life I am able to live thanks to my donor. I still have CF and all the issues that go along with the disease but my “new” lungs have given me a first chance at life and I am living it to the fullest!


Fawn Rogers – Marketing Director of TELL (Transplant Education for Living Legacies)

www.tell.org.za             FB/TW/IG @tellorgza

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