There are hundreds of ways to raise funds and the regions rely greatly on the support of the CF community, the public and corporate businesses to help us raise much needed funds. Cystic Fibrosis is a very costly disease and by raising funds the regions can assist by purchasing costly medical equipment to be used at CF clinics as well as pay for support staff, i.e. specialists, doctors, physiotherapists and dieticians who attend CF clinics on an ongoing basis.

MySchool cardThe MySchool fundraising card allows you to contribute to a worthy cause and raise funds for us every time you shop at partner stores. For every purchase, the partner shop makes a % contribution to us without it costing you a cent!

Please refer to “Regions” for the regional associations’ contact details, banking details, Non-Profit Organisation numbers, as well as find out what is happening in your region. You may contact us should you need any advice on fundraising and we will gladly assist you.

Please remember to have a look on our Home page to see who our business sponsors are and have a peek at their website while you are there. We thank you for your continued support – without your help, we simply can’t do it!

How to organise fundraising events

It is much easier to arrange a fundraising event than you think! We will give you a few ideas but don’t feel limited by our ideas. You can choose to do a small fundraising event (for instance a collection) or perhaps you would like to organise a much bigger event like a dinner/dance or charity ball. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you consider the health and safety of the volunteers, members of the public, your colleagues and other participants at all times.

Some ideas for fundraising:

  • School fundraising
  • A ball / dinner dance
  • An “open day” event
  • A coffee morning or ladies or mens breakfast
  • A collection
  • A quiz night
  • A golf day
  • Making and selling of reindeer food over the festive season
  • Please also look under our Fundraising at work page for some ideas on how to fundraise at work

How to fundraise at work

If you are fundraising at work, make sure that you first get permission from your Management Team and ensure that you are adhering to safety rules and procedures at your workplace. Get your department and team involved in the fundraising and let them help you. If you explain Cystic Fibrosis to them, how it affects people living with CF and what the funds are used for, they will have a better understanding of why you are fundraising and will more than likely be keener to get involved in your fundraising initiative.

Some ideas for fundraising at the workplace:

  • Ask your boss if you can organise for your staff members to watch a big rugby, cricket or soccer match and get everyone to donate money to CF!
  • Raffle – ask your Management to donate a great prize and then raffle out tickets for the prize
  • Have a cake sale
  • Have a “wrong shirt day” – get everyone to wear a T-Shirt with their normal work outfit and get them to donate R10 towards CF.
  • Have a “genes” day where all office staff wear jeans to work and get them to donate R10 towards this.
  • Have a “fancy dress” day
  • Organize an event whereby you enter into competition against a rival company or team – charge an admission fee as donation towards CF.
  • Check if your company has a Charity of the Year for which you could nominate the CF Association.
  • Sell CF Association Christmas cards at the office
  • Check if your company does “matched giving” – perhaps they will match the money you raise
  • Position a CF Association collection box on the reception and secretaries’ desk
  • Hold a sponsored head shave or orange hairspray events
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