The South Africa Cystic Fibrosis Association (SACFA) is a Non-Profit Organisation, and as such is the primary cystic fibrosis support group and driver of advocacy for the treatment of cystic fibrosis in South Africa. Our objectives include communicating with the CF community, raising public awareness and promoting medical advancements. Fundraising is essential to sustain these objectives.


947 Ride Joburg – Cycling4CF

SA Cystic Fibrosis Association is once again entering a team in the 947 Ride Joburg event taking place on 19 November 2023. We invite you to join our team, Cycling4CF, by completing the form below: Cycling 4 CF Entry Form 2023 Funds raised will go towards...

CF Golf Challenge 2023

You are invited to enter our golf challenge, so please submit the form below to secure your entry. CF Golf Challenge 2023 - Entry Form For more information please contact Alan Dunn on 0832855853

Cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour with Cystic Fibrosis

The 2023 Cape Town Cycle Tour, previously known as the Cape Argus, had two rare cyclists this year, Jason van’t Slot and Carmen Möller. Both have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a rare inherited genetic disease that affects multiple organs in the body,...

The CF Registry – Annual Report 2021

This third edition of the Cystic Fibrosis Registry Annual Report represents a great achievement for the South African Cystic Fibrosis (CF) community, who initiated the registry project in 2018. The  relevance and importance of the registry and the...
Strength in Unity: How the Cystic Fibrosis Community in South Africa Overcomes Rarity Through Solidarity. Share your colours for Rare awareness

Strength in Unity: How the Cystic Fibrosis Community in South Africa Overcomes Rarity Through Solidarity.

Living with cystic fibrosis (CF) in South Africa can be challenging, but it also makes us unique. There are roughly 550 people who have been diagnosed with CF, though this figure may be slightly higher due to patients being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in the...

What makes CF Patients Rare?

#ShareYourRare In conjunction with #raredieseasemonth, SACFA thought we would explore what makes Cystic Fibrosis patients, and the disease, rare. If you haven't heard of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) you can find more information on it on our website using the...
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Covid-19 Guidelines

These guidelines/FAQ’s regarding CF treatment during COVID-19 have been issued on 26 May 2020 by our SA Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC). View it here

New? Find out about CF

A guide for parents and care-givers of children newly diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis

Consensus Document

The South African Cystic Fibrosis Consensus Document – Fifth Edition


Health professionals are teaming up with the SA Cystic Fibrosis Association (SACFA) to establish a registry (or database) of people living with CF in SA. Please ask your doctor or CF clinic at your next checkup about how to sign up to the CF registry if you wish to participate. For more information click here



Summary report – 2021


Full report – 2021



Share information and raise awareness

We share information to the public on cystic fibrosis via
various media channels and increase nationwide
awareness of CF and so promote early diagnosis

Improve treatment of cystic fibrosis

We assist in keeping medical staff up to date with the latest
advancements in treatment.

Support and advocacy

We provide support group structures and sustain
advocacy initiatives for proper treatment of cystic
fibrosis in South Africa.

Medical advisory group

We maintain a medical advisory group and create
other groups necessary for promoting advocacy for
cystic fibrosis treatment

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