As a CF who has always struggled with maintaining weight (even post transplant) I know my way around a kitchen and food aisle better than most.

One of the biggest issues with having to eat SO MUCH is that we tend to run out of ideas on what to eat. We get bored of the same old snacks and with boredom comes decreased appetite.

Everyone knows, you eat more when it’s delicious!

So, here are a few cost-effective snack ideas that you can include in your day to day eating plan:

Cupboard foods:

2min noodles

Peanut butter on apple slices


Granola bars

Fridge snacks:

Veg sticks (carrots/celery) and hummus

Cottage cheese with cucumber or tomatoes on rice cakes

Cream cheese on crackers

Provitas, cheddar, bovril

Sweet Corn with butter

Caprese salad (sliced tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella)

Meatballs/ cocktail sausages / fish fingers 

Liver pate and salticrax

Snack platter – cold meat, olives, cheese squares

Cucumber sandwiches

A bit of cook time:

Fried halloumi with sweet chilli sauce

Pancakes with loads of butter and honey

Scones with jam and whipped cream (keep a can of whipped cream in fridge – also great with hot cocoa)

Roasted chickpeas

Mini frozen pizzas

Pre-made baked goods:

Banana bread with lots of butter

Bran muffins (can freeze these if you make a big batch) 

Cheese muffins



Milk Tart

Cheese straws

Sausage rolls

Anything on toast:

Avo, tuna, marmalade, peanut butter, eggs, nutella, baked beans

You’ll notice that there are no crisps.sweets or chocolates on this list. For me, those are treats you have once in a while – not a wholesome snack. 

Remember, these snacks need to be consumed over and above your 3 meals a day!

My eating regime goes a little something like this 

8am Morning tea + biscuits/rusks

9am Breakfast: 2 slices low GI toast with cottage cheese (or eggs and bacon on the weekend)

10am Breakfast snack: Muesli and yogurt or a smoothie

12pm Lunch: Left-over dinner or toasted sandwich

3pm Tea snack: One of the options above

5pm Pre-dinner snack: One of the options above

7pm Dinner: Protein + veg + fat/carb eg steak, salad and fries.

8pm TV snack: Popcorn

In between all these meals you’ll also have to get your ensure/fresubins in. Post-transplant I don’t have these any more but pre-transplant I would have them with all my snacks.

Preparation is key, have a list of all your favourite snacks ready so that whenever you hit the shops you don’t have to wander around aimlessly wandering what to get and then end up putting nothing in your trolley. With a list of ideas by your side, it’ll make life much easier!

Happy eating!

Fawn Rogers – Marketing Director of TELL (Transplant Education for Living Legacies)             FB/TW/IG @tellorgza

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