Ndumiso is from Zimbabwe, he now lives in Johannesburg, and is the first black CF person to join the CF Association. Ndumiso’s story is very enlightening and shows his strength and bravery through adversity. He has been brave enough to write in English, which is not his home language, so that we can all get an idea of his CF journey so far.

This is Ndumiso’s story

It began when I was 3months old, born in Mpilo hospital in Zimbabwe city of Bulawayo…Born in a family of 3 girls and I’m the only boy in the family and I’m the first born of the family. Both of the girls are healthy and beautiful. We were raised by a single mother who struggled to take care of us as she was not working it was really difficult for us to survive. She struggled so much as she had to take care of us and me on the other hand with my condition. It was a tough road for the family as my mother was supposed to be a mother and also a father at the same time. She had to be a nurse and a doctor – for my situation. My life was very difficulty when I grew up. I can never really think of my childhood, my teenage stage- not knowing what its really like to be a teenager because I was always sick and laying in a hospital bed. My friends pushed their lives forward, I was behind in everything I did. I tried by all means to fight it and live a normal life like everyone else, but it was very difficult as I struggled each and every minute to breath.

School life for me

I never enjoyed my schooling as I strived to push forward and be like other kids. I was always behind with school work- sometimes skipping classes as I couldn’t manage to do anything at school and I needed a lot of attention from my family and friends. I couldn’t eat anything as I had a stomach problem, I wished I could do sports, but no Asthma was there. It was a very difficult life for me I can never imagine what I went through how I overcame all these challenges. Tried by all means to fight all odds to do what other kids where doing but felt scared and shy at the same time as the other kids would laugh and mock me for the way I was with a big tummy and always coughing. I was so embarrassed the way I was looking I would run to the toilet and hide cry alone not knowing what to do. Well life had to go on despite all the challenges. I thank my family and friends so much, who were so supportive and loving to me and most of all I thank the most amazing woman, my mum. Of course without her I don’t know what I would’ve done. My lovely sisters, their love meant a lot whilst I took their mother`s attention. How could I forget my aunty who gave up her family and her time to look after me alongside my grandmother. Finally would love to thank everyone who played his/her roll in my life some contributed financially and others with their time. I pray for God to bless them…Last but not least it’s all thanks to doctor Nyathi who took it upon his shoulders to look after my life till today…

(continued in Part 2)

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