The 2023 Cape Town Cycle Tour, previously known as the Cape Argus, had two rare cyclists this year, Jason van’t Slot and Carmen Möller. Both have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a rare inherited genetic disease that affects multiple organs in the body, primarily the lungs.

We got to ask them a few questions about themselves and their race.

Carmen Möller, 27 years old, living in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.
Jason van’t Slot, 28 years old, living in Cape Town, Western Cape.


Why did you sign up to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour this year?

Carmen Möller: Since starting the miracle drug Trixacar in 2021 Dec, I felt that I needed to prove to myself that I am capable. For the very first time, I could do something without coughing my lungs out or stopping to take a breath. I could ENJOY sport and exercise, whereas before it was really hard to find the joy in sport for me.

Jason van’t Slot: I am a competitive amateur cyclist, and the CTCT has become a tradition. Unfortunately, I started feeling a bit unwell leading up to the CTCT knew I wouldn’t be able to get another sub 3. I decided to rather ride it rather than race it. When I found out my friend, Carmen Moller, was riding her first CTCT with her husband, Fourie, I jumped at the opportunity to chaperone her, as it was a truly special day and an honour. It was definitely a win for CF. Carmen’s health wasn’t great a few years back, now that she has been in Trixacar just over a year, she has a new lease on life and challenging herself to do things she wouldn’t have been able to do not too long ago.

Have you cycled the race before?

CM: This was my first time, but definitely not my last. 

JvS: This was my 11th Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Are you an avid cyclist?

CM: I have never cycled competitively and only started training about 7 weeks before the Argus. I don’t even own a road bike, so I borrowed a friend’s bike that was way too big, but it gave me the opportunity to discover that I really enjoy the sport.

JvS: Very much so.

How did you find the race?

CM: The Argus was genuinely so amazing! The camaraderie and coastal views were the two things that stood out for me.

JvS: I absolutely love it. It was a privilege to ride with Carmen and Fourie and be part of this incredible moment. I enjoyed the vibe and the beautiful day out! 

Did you race with a partner or group? 

CM: I signed my husband up secretly and only told him after doing it so I wouldn’t be doing it alone. He did it with his mountain bike, which made it a more level field since I had a road bike. Closer to the time, a dear friend of mine, Jason, with cystic fibrosis, said that he was also doing it, but not competitively this year due to being ill. He offered to ride slower with us as he’s a pro cyclist! It was the greatest adventure. He often had to push my back a bit and cycle ahead to fill water bottles, as I thought once I stopped, I’d never be able to go again haha.

JvS: Carmen and Fourie Möller.

Would you do it again? 

CM:  It was tough, but immediately after, I was already excited for the next Argus (Cape Town Cycle Tour) in 2024!

JvS: Definitely! Chasing number 21!

Did CF influence how you cycled?

JvS: Always. My sugar levels were 22 before the start; I ended up doing hill repeats to drop them an hour before we started. CF-related diabetes is always a big challenge for me when doing sport. I had a few coughing fits as normal and cleared out a fair amount of mucus en route. Carmen said it brought back memories hearing that cf cough again.


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