91 days… does not sound too long….


But what if you are 17 years old, very social, love life, friends and experiences… and yet, you may not have any of those.


So let’s let the wise people teach one life lessons.


Let us tack our sails, shift course, and cruise into unchartered waters, so to say. Let’s call the journey, the Sea of Viruses. 


Let’s map the journey….


The new adventure churns out lots of family time, working together, no splintering off in all directions.

Time which would otherwise have never happened in the manic world of 2020. What a blessing.

A time of closeness and slowness that makes for laughter and real appreciation of self and others.


No interruptions from anyone or anything – just flowing calm and genuine inner discoveries.


Real, very real times. No smoke and mirrors.


New traditions begin:

Darts evening, music appreciation of all genres and generations.

Hilarious learning to waltz lessons, filling muffin trays with new recipes. 

Trying to count the birds and butterflies who fly around in their thousands, as the earth is quiet and theirs, whilst the humans stay home and indoors. 

Lazily lying on your back, gazing at the clear air and gleaming clouds, whilst soaking up the sun and just being….. just breathing…..

All the while, falling deeper into the gentle slow pace of nature – where we belong.


In fact we are a critical part of nature.  


Thoughts drift off and recircle, and debates begin.

Acknowledgements conclude that we are not some demi -god more powerful than nature, but we are part of the ecological chain. 

We house viruses, bacteria’s, fungi, moulds. 

Our bodies house nature and we are the link that continues nature and this beautiful world we live in.


Listening becomes more acute, listening to the soul of another human. Their pure thoughts and personality.



Discipline becomes a front runner with online schooling, 

Learning new skills for a new type of learning.

Creating new school traditions, connections and fun with friends and teachers…. from a distance.


Parents watch with pride as new work ethics evolve.

Self-starter, diligence, accomplishment in the “new normal”.


Coffee breaks, meal breaks, quick friend laugh breaks.

Funny meme breaks.

From a distance it is reminiscent of being an adult in a workplace.


This is a new experience, managed and navigated with such maturity with such willing, bravery, and yet a low-grade palpable loss of what was.


However, the allure of the new experience wanes as it is accomplished, and revisited daily.

The need for social same age personal touch and connectivity becomes a priority.

Enough of chatting on the Zooms, Whatsapps, video calls etc.


I need my clan. 

I need to sit and laugh. 

Walk and talk. 

Eat and sing with my clan.

My age group. My same age family.

I need to touch and feel and connect.


So we must breathe deep into our parental courage of the oneness and genuine experience of self in the past 91 days and create the platform to ready her for this interaction, and let the 17 year old out of her protective physical and psychological surrounds and call in her clan to come and sit and laugh with her. To walk and talk with her. To eat and sing with her. We must carefully open the door to her needs and let life come back in for her, even just for a day.


Nervous parents hang back, witnessing pulsating excitement trickling out of the 17 year old who is finally allowed to melt back into her place in her same age clan. 

To talk their talk, to experience their experience, to laugh their laugh, to dance their dance.  


Watching from a protective distance, the trust in nature must be foremost. This is her life, her needs, and most importantly, her happiness.   


She must sparkle again it is her turn. Thrive my baby thrive, we’ve got you. You deserve this.


As the happy social gathering ends, night falls. Satisfied and happy heads hit pillows. 


The last thought before drifting off to dreamland, is a peaceful, “Thereby the Grace of God go I, what will be will be”.


Good night, sleep tight.

Written by one of our CF Moms who wishes to remain anonymous


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