Hello – I am Dayyaan

I turn 18 on the 5th July this year, and I have Cystic Fibrosis.  So does my brother, Daniywal who is 13 years old.

I live in the Western Cape, Surrey Estates, and presently attend Greenpoint Salesian Institute.

I have many, many interests…

Skateboarding – I love to skateboard and I manage a skateboard crew who I teach how to skateboard. I live in a small community, so when I go outside to skateboard, my crew sees me in the street and they all come out and join me. I find that skateboarding helps me stay fit, and, also helps me deal with stress. We also play street soccer in our community and I am a striker for our side.

Birds – I love animals, but birds are my specialty. I have 3 African Greys, 1 Monk Parakeet, and 2 Crimson Rosella. I would love to own and run a bird sanctuary in my future. 

Career hopes – I would love to be a Skateboard Mechanic, study Mechanical Engineering, and also be a Professional Skateboarder.

My brother – is younger than I and really sees me as his role model. At present we live in different homes so he really misses me. But we do catch up on weekends, and holidays. He really trusts me and is very loyal to me. If he has any problems he comes to me and we find solutions. I love being a big brother to him and enjoy our time together, especially when we can skateboard together.

My philosophy in live – live life to the fullest. Who knows what might happen tomorrow, so just enjoy.

My life motto – Klein mag ‘n trein meaning – small but trained well for anything.


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