It is with massive excitement that SACFA and its affiliated doctors can announce that a deal has been reached through a patient-support NGO to start supplying Trikafta® in full recommended dose to eligible patients with CF in SA who are on top-end medical aids (e.g. Discovery Health Comprehensive Plans) at no additional cost to patients!* Patients who are on other medical aids besides Discovery Health or who can afford any co-payments that their medical aid won’t cover, may also apply to the program but we don’t know yet if other medical aids will cover the cost in full. Trikafta® is still not registered in SA, so SAHPRA Section 21 approval every 6 months is still required. It will be imported and distributed by a local company which will make it available through your pharmacy once all the approvals and paperwork have been obtained and submitted. We advise all patients to contact your doctor/CF clinics to inquire about the program for more information.

Patients already on the generic version from Argentina in full or reduced doses, who qualify for the program, must discuss and plan with their doctors on how to switch to Trikafta. Patients who will be starting Trikafta® for the first time will also need to follow the same steps.

We would like to thank the tireless efforts of so many campaigning for access to life saving CF medication and remain committed to the campaign for affordable access to treatment for ALL eligible South African CF patients until no patient is left behind.

*Please note: SACFA is not involved in the access programme announced and is not in a position to comment on how it has been set up, or about specific medical aid coverage or patient eligibility. Please reach out to your CF specialist to learn more.

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